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Sirin Limited

Sirin Limited was established in 1995 in England. Its main activity for all these years was related mostly to computer software sales as a retail and mail order company.

arro32e1.gif (1137 bytes)   The article in Russian London COURIER about Sirin Limited (November 1999, Russian Text)

We also provided the wide range of computer services  to our clients. We delivered quality, professional IT solutions on time and under budget.

Managing Director: Mr Mikhail Zaitsev, PhD - the specialist in the applied mathematics, computer science and technical applications. 

Address: Sirin Limited
23 Cork Street, Mayfair, London W1S 3NJ, UK

Tel/Fax: 020 7734 7050 International: +44 20 7734 7050
Web sites:

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About Our Name "SIRIN"

We receive quite regularly the inquiries about the name of our company. We think the reason for it lies in the fact that Sirin is widely used as a first name or surname in the countries as Russia, Turkey, India, by Kurdish people, in Arabic countries, Malaysia, Thailand and  other countries and nationalities. We give you below some samples of such inquiries removing on a request E-mail addresses to avoid spam mail :

From: Sirin Family
Date: 29 December 2000
To whom it may Concern,
I am rather curious as to how the name Sirin limited came about.  Is it the owners last name? If so i would be interested in finding out more about the family.
Please e-mail me back at  

From: Cihat Sirin
Subject: A request
Date: 19 January 2002
To whom it may concern,
My surname is Sirin and I am a Turkish who have been living in the UK for about 4 years. My surname means in Turkish "cute" or "affable". May I ask you where was your company's name originated from if you don't mind. (Just for my interest)..
Thank you in advance..
Cihat Sirin

From: Uygar Sirin
Date: 4 June 2002
hi my name is uygar and my sur name is "sirin":)
and i want a mail like :))
can u help me :))
i will be very happy if a take a mail adress like that:))
thanx :))
From: Sirin Samman

Subject: just a question
Date: 5 October 2002
hey there,
i'm just curious.
how come your company is called Sirin, Ltd.
It's just that I have never heard my name anywhere else before (except for one Russian author's pseudonym).
Is Sirin a common Russian name? If yes, do you know what it means?
Just curious over here.
To tell you about my name as far as I know:
- My father is Arabic and he named me after a Persian princess (so he says)
- Whenever I meet people with arabic background they tell me the name means myth or legend.
Never checked on any of these facts, so you might need to find out if they're actually true.
all the best,
Sirin Samman :)

From: Vadim Glebov <>
Date: 12 June 2003
Russian Text: Очень понравился раздел на вашем сайте "О слове СИРИН".
Впечатляет ваша целеустремленность в поиске информации о слове СИРИН
Вадим Глебов <>

We do not sell our name.
If you are interested in the etymology and history of the word Sirin and about the facts related to this word,  click below. We are glad to receive from you any additional information related to the word Sirin or any comments to the subject..