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You will find in our pages:

     Services: technical support, repairs, upgrades, software, hardware, and network installation, and Web design.
     Current stock and price list for Russian software and CD-ROM titles, and also miscellaneous computer products, including computer components, peripherals, cables, accessories, etc.
     Panda ActiveScan is FREE on-line service in our pages from Panda antivirus software.

Price Lists of our stock:

 Software from Russia

Cables, Adapters, Computer Components, etc.

    Sirin Limited eShop "Russian Software, Keytop Stickers, Keyboards, Cables, Adapters, etc." - from our stock.

We are a computer company based in London and specialising in technical service, upgrade of computers, troubleshooting, systems assembling and software installation, networking and Internet installation. We make Web design and development. We provide mail order and online sales of Russian software and miscellaneous computer hardware (components, network equipment, accessories, cables, etc.).


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We stock a wide range of software titles in Russian language and software for work with documents in Russian language. You can find Cyrillic keytop stickers for your keyboards with letters of different colours or keyboards themselves with Latin/Cyrillic letters.

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Check our Price List and Description sections of the site for more detailed information. Our current stock with prices you can find in the section Price List.

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